Welcome to the Griottes studfarm

ShagyasThe stables of the Haras des Griottes are the outcome of the collaboration between two horse enthusiasts : Lisa Boucheny and Francis Grondin. For several years now they have shared their daily lives with horses. Their enthusiasm for the Shagya breed only goes back a few years. It was only when they bought their first Shagya filly, Saahbah that they began to appreciate the innumerable qualities of this horse. It is a magnificent horse, with an expressive head and eyes displaying both strength and gentleness. An appearance of light and lively suppleness betrays the breed’s pride and nobility. The horse has an energetic nature, it’s reliable and confident and is an ideal companion for both competitive and casual riding.
The breed’s height (ranging from 1.5 to 1.6 meters) makes it suitable for a great number of riders.
The Shagya has many qualities which you can only appreciate on closer acquaintance…

Discover the shagya arabian horse… a horse with countless skills

A few words about the Shagya Araber breed…

The creation and development of the Shagya breed dates back to the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. During the second half of the 18th century, it was the objective of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy to furnish its cavalry units with a resistant, tireless, fast and brave horse and so it was that they put into place a selection programme to achieve their goal.

Therefore, the first local fillies were sired by Arab stallions imported for the most part from Syria, so as to produce a breed of horse that would have the numerous qualities of the Arab, but with more build, solidity and height. Several Arab stallions bequeathed their names to new bloodlines, the most famous being Shagya. A magnificient stallion, Shagya gave, in addition, its name to the breed as a whole.

The Shagya is suited to a wide range of disciplines : cco, cso, trekking, show-jumping, eventing, puissance and dressage. In each of these disciplines, shagyas have shown their worth despite their relatively modest present numbers.

In addition, the shagya is also a horse with an excellent temperament, great honesty and great respect for man.